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The Story – Started in Saipan

The Birth of Axe Murderer Tours

More than fifteen years ago, two U.S. Navy Servicewomen visited a small Pacific Island named Saipan.  They wanted to scuba dive, however, no dive shop on Saipan would accommodate the requests of two English-speaking divers.

Harry Blalock, a local radio personality and avid diver, coincidentally stopped by the same dive shop to get his tanks filled on his way home from work.  He overheard the women talking and offered to take them diving with him the next day.  They accepted Harry's offer, but when he showed up at the hotel in salt stained zorries, board shorts and a faded dive shirt, they hesitated and asked, “Are you the same man from yesterday?”  Harry chuckled knowing yesterday he was in a business suit and said, “Yup!  Yesterday I was working.  Today I’m diving!”

One of the women asked:  “How do we know you’re not an Axe Murderer?”  Smiling, Harry simply said “You don’t.  You can come diving with an Axe Murderer and have fun or you can sit in your hotel all day.  What’s it going to be?”

Needless to say, the two women had a wonderful time diving and touring the island with Harry. When Harry dropped the women back off at their hotel at the end of the day, they said, “Axe Murderer Tours is the best tour on Saipan!”  Thus, Axe Murderer Tours was born!

Word spread quickly throughout the military that Harry Blalock and Axe Murderer Tours was the recommended place for an exceptional dive experience on Saipan.

Now, this same personalized experience has expanded to Guam-- America’s Jewel in the Pacific!

Trent Scheibe – Owner & Daddy Divebucks

Megan Statkus – Owner & Course Director

Norman Wong – Boat Operations Manager

Jim Miller – Wholesale Manager, Course Coordinator, Water Safety & Dive Site Guru

Randy Bigbee – Service Center “Mr. Fix It”



We were awarded the Dive Shop contract for Andersen Air Force base in November of 2012 and opened the Andersen Family Dive Center on January 1, 2013.  Within the first two years of being open at Andersen we certified over 1500 divers, became a Padi 5 Star Instructor Development Center and became one of the leading dive operations on Guam.

Today Military from all over the world visit us to get R&R. They trade in their boots for fins and discover the underwater world that surrounds Guam.

Want to Get Certified, Advance your dive knowledge, touch a WW1 and WW2 wreck at the same time, or just swim with sea turtles, we can make that happen at the Andersen Family Dive Center, operated by Axe Murderer Tours Guam.

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AMT Beach House

The Beach House opened on November 25, 2014, “Black Friday” and is centrally located on the Agana beach in Hagatna.  We feature a wide selection of name brand dive gear for sale, a full service repair center, rental department, course selection from beginner through instructor and tech certifications, dive travel, and wholesale.

  • Megan Statkus

    Megan Statkus

  • Trent Scheibe

    Trent Scheibe

  • Jim Miller

    Jim Miller

  • Randy Bigbee

    Randy Bigbee

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